What is a Cash Register? Who Must Have One?

One of the first steps you will encounter after setting up your company is the purchase of a cash register. In today’s article, we have examined for you what a cash register is and who has to buy one and who does not.

In order to provide basic services to its people and to survive, states have been collecting taxes from its citizens since its existence. Hundreds of years ago, societies have developed since the years when treasury officials traveled from village to village, door to door and collected taxes with oxcarts, and with the increasing technology, many different payment methods and systems that provide ease of registration have entered the commercial life. In parallel with these developments, states have developed different systems in order to prevent tax loss and ensure follow-up.

What is Cash Register POS? How Does It Work?

The current example of these systems is ÖKC, i.e. payment recorder devices. The Revenue Administration, which is the authorized institution in Turkey, directs as many taxpayers as possible to use payment recording systems in order to reduce unrecorded trade. Recently, the most frequently encountered payment recording devices are the new generation cash register POS devices.

These devices, which are a combination of cash register and POS device, are available in many different brands and models. The process they perform is to briefly report and record the purchases made with the card to the RA. For example, you bought 50 TL worth of products from a market and paid with a card. This device accesses your bank’s system and collects the payment, creates a receipt for your expense, and registers the transaction on behalf of the market owner in the Revenue Administration system. Thus, the income of the market owner can be transparently viewed by the relevant institution and tax losses are minimized.

Do I have to buy a cash register?

You have just started your business life and rented a shop or decided to make retail sales in a shop of your own. The first step you will face after you have established your company is the obligation to buy a cash register. If you are making your retail sales through a shop or if you are making your sales over the internet but still have a shop, you are obliged to buy a cash register. Because even if you are selling over the internet, from the point of view of the tax office, there is a possibility that retail sales can be made from there because you have a shop. However, if you only sell online and do not have a shop, there is no obligation to buy a cash register.

When should I buy the cash register and what happens if I don’t?
It must be purchased within 15 days from the date of opening the workplace. If not purchased within 15 days, the tax office may subject the taxpayer to penal action.


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