Public Holidays and Working Hours for Companies in the UK

In the UK, as in every country, there is a calendar of working hours and public holidays that company owners adhere to. This calendar includes important days such as Easter and Christmas, as well as other public holidays. So, which days do public holidays in England fall in 2023? In this article, we will talk about public holidays and working hours for those who want to establish a company in England.

Working Hours in England

In the UK, working hours may vary according to occupation and place of work. In addition to these, full-time and part-time working options are among the determining factors in terms of hours. Under normal circumstances, companies in the UK cannot work more than 48 hours per week by law. In some companies, there may be exceptional circumstances that require working more than 48 hours. However, according to the laws set by the UK government, those who work a 48-hour working pattern can maintain this method for an average of 17 weeks.

The sectors in which companies operate and the position of employees in the workplace play a decisive role in working hours in the UK. In exceptional cases, working hours can be 48 hours or more:

  • Employees where staff are needed 24 hours a day,
  • Those working in the armed forces, emergency services or law enforcement,
  • Those working in areas such as special care and home care,
  • Those working in the shipping industry.

What is Not Included in Working Hours in the UK?

Some issues are taken into account when determining the weekly working hours for companies in the UK. In particular, the activities that are included and excluded from working hours play a decisive role at this point. Accordingly, the activities that are not included in the weekly working hours in the UK can be listed as follows:

  • All paid and unpaid holidays,
  • Breaks when work is not being done,
  • Voluntary overtime work,
  • Travel outside of working hours,
  • Travel time to and from work.

Public Holidays in 2023 in the UK

In the UK, there are many different holidays throughout the year that company owners and employees can take advantage of. Especially in London, on such special days, public institutions, banks and some businesses in the private sector may not provide services at all or operate for limited hours. The UK public holidays for 2023 are as follows.

  • New Year’s Holiday: January 1-2, 2023A holiday in the New Year when workers celebrate the New Year with their families and loved ones.
  • Easter: April 10, 2023
    It is a 3-day public holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ after Good Friday.
  • Spring Break: May 1, 2023
    The first Monday in May is a holiday to celebrate spring and financial institutions such as banks are closed on this day.
  • Coronation of King Charles III: May 8, 2023
    It is the day to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III and his wife Camilla as King and Queen of the United Kingdom.
  • May Spring Break: May 29, 2023
    Banks are also closed on May Bank Holiday, a former religious holiday.
  • Summer Holiday: August 28, 2023
    It is a holiday to celebrate the last days of summer. Bank branches are physically closed on these days and online banking services are still available.
  • Christmas Day Holiday: December 25, 2023
    It is the holiday on which Christmas is celebrated.
  • Boxing Day December 26, 2023
    The day after Christmas is a holiday when family and friends give each other gifts.
  • Good Friday April 7, 2023

    Friday, the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, is referred to as Good Friday by Christians and the dates that fall on this day are holidays.



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